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My Living Room
Dan P. - My Living Room
Dan P.'s newest solo album, written and recorded exclusively in his living room and released for his 2014 summer living room tour, this release showcases a return of his stripped down songwriting style similar to his first solo record "Eyeballs," with a few surprises thrown in.

Dan P. - Around The World
20 tales of 20 cities,  all written on tour. Tokyo, Melbourne, London, Chicago.. Oh yeah!
 Super-Extended liner notes and lyrics.

Dan P. - Eat The Planet
Dan P's 3rd solo album, Eat the Planet is 11 sing along ska hits that were written and recorded by Dan in two weeks in his bedroom.  Plus.. 3 Spitzer songs (dan p's rock band that he plays in with his wife) and 4 unreleased solos songs.  Dan says, "EAT IT!"

The Bricks Dan P and the Bricks - Watch Where You Walk
Big sound = big fun!  Dan P. rounds up some old school ska buddies from Slow Gherkin and MU330 for a huge sound.  5 piece horn section, two guitars, organ, upright bass and drums.  All ska all the time.  A great sounding record that is overloaded with GREAT songwriting.  A must have album for anyone who loves fun.
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The Stitch Up - Set Your Alarm
The Stitch Up is back for their 2nd release, with more sing along rock n' roll.  This time around, Dan P's wife Shannon holds down the bass and backing vocs, and Greg B. rocks the kit.
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You By Me Dan P/Tohkay split
(Tomas from Streetlight Manifesto) Two friends come together to reinterpret each others tunes for the first volume of the Pentimento Music Company's "You By Me" series.
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Sweets and Meats cover Dan Potthast - Sweets and Meats
Sweets and Meats is Dan's second solo release.  This album again features Dan's great songwriting and strong vocals, but is complemented beautifully by guests from Slow Gherkin and The Blue Meanies.
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Eyeballs cover
Dan Potthast - Eyeballs
Dan P's first solo release"Eyeballs," is a sparsely arranged album that features mainly acoustic guitar and vocals with a few other instruments occasionally thrown in here and there. The stripped down approach really showcases Dan's amazing songwriting ability and his powerful voice.  This album is a CLASSIC!!! Digital downloads are available at the itunes store.
Out of print
Attitude Adjuster The Stitch Up - Attitude Adjuster
This is the Stitch Up's first album.. a  full length record of sing along rockers!  Released in late 07.  Out on Pentimento Music, but is now out of print. Digital downloads are available at the itunes store.
Out of print

The entire MU330 collection! Press, Chumps on Parade, Crab Rangoon, Self Titled, Winter Wonderland,  Oh Yeah! (MU330 Live), and Ultra Panic.. all available at Asianman Records Start digging into this deep collection of amazing ska punk classics, and you will see why MU330 is one of the most influential and important ska-punk bands of the last two decades! Some selections still available on vinyl. All albums also available at the itunes store. Buy now!